Once upon a time, members of the OASIS undertook a massive effort to compile a national list of Episcopal parishes that were welcoming of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. In light of the current political situation confronting the church, and the amount of time that has past since the list was compiled, we no longer felt comfortable maintaining the list without first verifying that the conditions that affirmed a parish as “welcoming” were still in place.

Therefore, the list below contains only those parishes who are currently affiliated with an Integrity or Oasis ministry, identified as a Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregation, or have contacted us and asked to be included. We will be adding additional congregations to the list as they can be re-verified. Additional disclaimers may appear below. We have not visited most of these parishes ourselves and are providing this material only as a reference. This is by no means a complete list, and the absence of a parish from the list does not mean it is NOT welcoming.

This work is an ongoing project and it is impossible for us to know categorically what is happening at every church across the country. We strongly encourage you to contact a parish and speak to the rector before visiting.


So your church has decided to declare itself welcoming. What next? The OASIS has compiled some guidelines to help congregations truly live into what it means to be welcoming of LGBT people. There are more tools for congregations striving to be more inclusive available from our ministry partners at the Institute for Welcoming Resources.


If your church considers itself a Welcoming Congregation but is not listed here, it is probably becasuse we don’t know about you! To be added, theRector, Vicar, Priest-in-Charge, Warden or equivalent should contact THE OASIS, or (better yet) become a Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregation.


Believe Out Loud is a multi-denominational effort to identify, uphold and equip congregations that are or seek to be fully welcoming and inclusive of LGBT persons. Episcopalians join their bretheren in the American Baptist, Congregational UCC, Evangelical Lutheran, United Methodist, Presbyterian and other mainline denominations, along with secular partners, in creating a network of congregations where everyone can feel safe, valued and included regardless of whom they choose to love.

We strongly encourage welcoming Episcopal congregations to adopt the Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregation marque and to put the above symbol on your website and other communications.

The goal of this program is a recognizable, frequently-seen and trustworthy symbol of a church that is safe, welcoming and inclusive. Unlike other mainline Protestant denominations who have specific branding for their welcoming churches, the Episcopal Church has never done so. Along with our ministry partners at Integrity and TransEpiscopal and our peer OASIS programs, we believe calling these churches Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregations will help further this movement both within our church and the world. There is no cost to join… find out more about this program here or contact us if you would like to learn more about Believe Out Loud.


(from Integrity-Alabama website)

“The below listed parishes have not declared themselves as safe spaces for GLBT Christians but are parishes where members of Integrity claim they have received welcome.”


Diocesan/Regional Ministries:

Congregations :

Diocesan/Regional Organizations:


Diocesan/Regional Organizations:


  • Las Vegas – Trinity (Integrity)
  • Virginia City – St. Paul the Prospector
  • Akron – Our Saviour 
  • Berea – St. Thomas
  • Cincinnati (Integrity)
    Integrity of Greater Cincinnati designates these parishes as either “welcoming” or “safe” as indicated below



  • Tulsa – St. Dunstan’s (Dignity/Integrity)

Integrity of Rhode Island identifies the following churches as “affirming”

  • North Providence – St. James’s
  • Providence
    • Cathedral of St. John (Integrity)
    • Sts. Peter & Andrew
  • Midvale – St. James’s (Integrity)
  • Salt Lake City – All Saints (Integrity)
  • Charleston – St. John’s
    • SAGA (Straight & Gay Alliance)
  • Wheeling – St. Luke’s-on-the-Island (Integrity)